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nGrams help organizations find senior ranking executives who will enable them to drive business results and achieve sustainable change. We conduct executive recruitment at the C-level, Board Director, and VP levels.

Our Executive Search platform addresses the requirements of diverse organizations for identifying and acquiring talent that is senior, critical and niche. The solutions are delivered through an experienced and capable team of senior consultants with an experience of many decades in diverse industry backgrounds, helping them to engage with our clients at the highest level on a continuous basis.

Since we recognize that each industry has its own nuances in terms of management style, hiring practices, compensations norms, etc., we provide specialized and value added solutions by developing expertise in our client's industry. We offer "Retained Search" and "Contingency Search" services.

Retained Search 

  • As a preferred Retained Search partner we enter into an exclusive relationship with our client organization for a specific period of time to perform senior-level searches until the perfect match is found to fill a vacancy.
  • We obtain a thorough understanding of your company and the job role involved. This gives the candidate a better idea of the role that is being offered and helps us zero in on the shortlist of the best-fit candidates. We use our extensive research database of candidates specifically for the retained research procedure for better results.
  • The candidate’s work records and qualifications undergo a thorough screening, and then an intensive evaluation process begins. On behalf of our client, we conduct interviews and make assessments by evaluating past performance in similar work environments. The future potentiality of the candidate is also evaluated, as well as the compatibility of the employee and employer.
  • Only when all the retained search evaluations and assessments have been completed and verified, we contact you with a shortlist of premium candidates for consideration. Once you hire a candidate we also follow up to evaluate the progress of the candidate.

Our goal is to help organizations transform themselves and also to positively influence the lives of our candidates and the clients we serve. Our in-depth consulting experience along with the methodologies and processes for executive search enable us to give our clients great value for money and the best choice in leadership talent.

If your organization is looking for top level management talent that can lead you to success, get in touch with us right away. Let us be your partner in success.

Contingency Search

  • Our Contingency Search team renders its services where you don’t need to get into a term agreement as required in Retained Search. It is economical and practical because you compensate us only when a candidate searched by us is hired by you.
  • You can seek our services to employ candidates for seasonal work, project-based jobs, and on-call positions. Some deserving contingent employees may be later hired as permanent employees at the end of their short-term contract.

All our engagements are highly personalized and managed by an experienced consultant who has deep industry knowledge and an extensive network. Trust is at the core of all our client relationships, and we earn that trust by offering reliable results.