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Why we are awesome!

nGrams LLC is an international people recruitment firm established in 2014. We are the pioneers in gauging the need for qualified professionals in emerging markets and establishing an international network of talent . Our vision is to illuminate the opportunity road map for qualified professionals across the globe.

Workforce Management

nGrams LLC specializes in connecting clients to the right candidates with comprehensive experience. By providing the right people, in the right places, at the right time, our clients avoid incurring unnecessary costs while better managing their workforce.

Permanent Placement

nGrams LLC clients look to us to help find the perfect candidate for employment opportunities within their organizations. We apply our recruitment and onboarding processes and apply them to assist our client’s permanent placement needs. We find the right candidates that have the knowledge and expertise of their skill set as well as an appropriate fit for the team.

Customized Solution

nGrams LLC provides customized recruiting and placement solutions based on the client's requirements. Our Strategic Sourcing Processes ensure and enable us to provide customized service to each client, one requisition at a time. Our success is that we seek out candidates who fit a given position well and who will also embrace and flourish in the corporate culture. We understand an individual’s fit with your organization is based on more than their core competency.

Team Augmentation

Grams LLC has extensive experience in creating and ramping up a team that meets the ever-changing demands on a client’s project. We work with to match the right skills, industry expertise, and work methodology to ensure project continuity and business success.


Full Support

nGrams LLC stands behind each and every placement. With multiple global office locations, nGrams LLC provides quick round the clock support.

Why People Love Us

  • "I find Meena to be very engaging, dependable and high in integrity. She has identified several people for our company successfully. As a national-wide company, we often times require our staff to have a multi-lingual component. Meena delivers. Additionally, when I was in need of immediate short term staffing assistance; Meena was quick to help. She is very effective at her job and it’s a pleasure to recommend her as an accomplished recruiting professional." - Jitendra Shetty
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